Want to Go On a Free Caribbean Cruise? This One Is Seeking Volunteers to Test Anti-Covid-19 Measures

Currently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, traveling involves a risk of contagion, particularly when it comes to being on a cruise ship surrounded by many people and with little possibility of medical help in the event of a complication. That said, in many places this type of travel has been prohibited and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) qualify the activity as “risky.” For this reason, Royal Caribbean is organizing a pilot test in which it seeks to carry out preventive measures to resume this tourist activity in a safe and effective way.

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What does it take to be able to volunteer?

Taking into account the above, they are looking for volunteers to carry out this activity, who ensure that 100,000 people have already been registered since the call was opened in just a few days ago, the requirements of being of legal age and not having no disease that can be complicated in case the carrier is infected with Covid-19.

According to the Euroweeklynews site, maritime transports have been asked to carry out simulated cruises before being able to market them safely, reducing the risk of coronavirus infections to a minimum.

For this reason, Royal Caribbean, who have been working on this issue for some time, waiting to be able to continue the offer as soon as possible, have released a virtual form through their site to recruit people interested in this topic.

The form is very simple, they only ask you about how many people would travel with you, the guest’s main contact information, the entry of the three-letter country code of citizenship and they will send you a confirmation shortly indicating that you will be contacted, if selected .

All the details are not yet known, there are some sources that have assured that the cruise will probably leave Florida bound for CocoCay Island in the Bahamas, which belongs to Royal Caribbean.

Most likely, if the test cruise trips are carried out with volunteers, it is cost-free or very inexpensive. However, it would be an unusual vacation and different from the ‘normal’. At the moment, there is no knowledge of any date to carry out this activity.

Drills are required by the CDC

As we have already mentioned, the commercialization of cruise ships depends on the simulations, which are requested by the CDC , since the companies are asked to make their execution completely clear to the volunteers , that they are participating in a simulation of health and safety protocols, untested.

The idea of this procedure is to ´replicate the navigation conditions on board the real world´ and test the safety and prevention protocols, in the same way to avoid a possible outbreak.



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Want to Go On a Free Caribbean Cruise? This One Is Seeking Volunteers to Test Anti-Covid-19 Measures

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