Unique Vacation in Greece

Greece is famous for its amazing locations. Surely you have seen in the beautiful pictures of landscapes from the rocky mountains, where there are snow-white villas with private infinity heated swimming pools. These luxury villas in Greece are for rent and you can have the best time of your life. But how to choose a location for a holiday?

The Best Locations For Holidays in Greece

Greece is very large and diverse, but the most popular areas for tourists and real estate buyers in Greece are Mykonos, Crete, Paros, Corfu, Santorini, Rhodes and Zakynthos.

Mykonos today has become a popular resort for people from all over the world. Parties on the beaches continue not only at night but also during the day. Mykonos attracts a lot of fans of surfing, because the island has ideal conditions for this sport. 

Corfu is also popular. It is the northernmost island of the Ionian Sea. In Corfu there are a lot of attractions: the palace of Achilleion, the Temple of Poseidon, an old fortress of the XV century. In all the buildings of the island one can feel the Italian influence. 

There is also the island of Crete, which is extremely popular among tourists. There are almost a quarter of all the hotels in Greece. Especially popular among tourists is the northern part of Crete, but even there you can find deserted and quiet places, such as beach Voulisma, Akrotiri Peninsula.

Features of Renting Villas in Greece

Before traveling to Greece, think about where you will stay. You can experience the beauty of nature of this country only in special places, where there are villas for renting guests of the island. Villa rentals Greece will save you money and time. On a special website choose the desired villa in the desired region and in a couple of minutes make the deal. 

The choice of holiday villas in Greece is very large. They are located in all the resort areas. Their peculiarity is white facade and blue roof. All of them have a private infinity heated swimming pool with beautiful views of the mountain valley or the Ionian or Aegean Sea. Most of them also provide outdoor or indoor jacuzzi for extra relaxation!

The spacious exterior of the villas is stunning! Enjoy the pool thought the day and taste amazing traditional Greek food by the pool with our private chef team. You will want to stay there forever!

All villas are modern houses with preserved external authenticity. The interior has all the elements necessary for modern life, including several rooms, closets, en-suite bathrooms, baby equipment, playground, tennis court, private indoor or outdoor gyms and even spa rooms. The properties are also equipped with large living rooms with TV, A/C, fireplace and sound system.

The villas are also fully equipped with all appliances, allowing you to cook and live comfortably on your own or with your family without hassle. 

Everything you would ever dream of is your home away from home which can’t wait to host you!

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