A three-sided metal column discovered embedded in Utah’s remote Red Rock Country has reportedly vanished without a trace.


Two adventure athletes who advocate a “Leave No Trace” philosophy towards nature, have stepped forward to say they were part of the team who removed the Utah monolith – the celebrated structure discovered in a remote, southeast section of the state.

Utah residents Andy Lewis and Sylvan Christensen posted a 23-second video showing the 10-foot metal structure, once embedded into the rock, being dismantled, loaded onto a wheel barrow and carried away at night.

Lewis, a 34-year-old BASE jumping guide, posted the video to his YouTube account, Mr. Slackline, saying the group removed the monolith the night of Nov. 27. Lewis confirmed to the Salt Lake City Tribune that he had posted the video.

Adventure guide Christensen posted the video to his TikTok account Tuesday, The participants’ faces are